FUT_2018 (Free download)

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook

40 perspectives on how engaged and entrepreneurial universities will drive growth and shape our knowledge-driven future until 2040

Download your electronic copy for free here:  Future of Universities Thoughtbook

Download your electronic copy for free here (Australian Edition):  FUT_Australian-Edition.pdf

Download your electronic copy for free here (Australian Edition):  Future of Universities Thoughtbook (North American Edition)


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  1. Found the workshop at UIIN very interesting – look forward to having a good read of this

  2. Great to read some of the educational challenges spelt out so clearly. Also pleasing to know that some of the issues are already being resolved, especially when we move away from business education scenarios and look to other disciplines. Having learned curiosity-based learning in the 70s through engineering and art interdisciplinary work, its about time it became more mainstream in my view.

    Good work guys 😉

  3. Thanks for inspiring thoughts at the short presentation given in Leeds, @http://ieec.co.uk/

  4. Really great book – should be read by every HEI! Congratulations

  5. I think that to educate to produce in countries like Ecuador should a disruptive disruptive change !

  6. I look forward to reading it and not taking away from the quality of contributors but the gender balance among contributors is very poor. This needs to be a more balanced debate with diverse inputs!

  7. This is wonderful, Thank you

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