1. Paul Hannon
    Is This the End of Universities as We Know Them?
  2. Fiona Godsman
    Change is Inevitable – It’s Time to Disrupt the Higher Education System
  3. Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius
    Change-Makers in the Making
  4. Hans Wissema
    The New Learning
  5. Dirk Van Damme
    Universities Transforming Teaching and Learning to Cope with a Radically Changing Skill Demand
  6. Manuel Dolderer
    Curiosity-Driven Education or How to Prepare Students for the Digital Future
  7. Benjamin Conard
    Why Was the Most Valuable Experience at My University NOT Part of My Degree
  8. Marko Grdošić
    Meaningful Teaching and Training – Higher Education of the Future
  1. Scott Shane and Michael Goldberg
    Technology Will Transform University Entrepreneurship Programs
  2. Paolo Bianco
    Towards the Virtual University
  3. Steve Price
    Leadership Skills are at Risk from the Virtual University
  4. Maria Chiara Carrozza
    Higher Education: Youth, Universities, Mobility, Research and Technology
  5.  Alessandro Curioni
    How Data and AI May Reshape Education
  6. Soraya M. Coley
    The Future of Education, Work and Human Engagement
  7. Michael Bolle
    In 2040, Universities Will Be a Place of Dreams
  1. Markus Perkmann
    Universities on the Market: A Strategic Playbook for the Next 20 Years
  2. Marek Kwiek
    The Sharply Stratified Academic World in 2040 – and Why It Is Unavoidable 
  3. Allen Alexander
    The Entrepreneurial Academic – Fighting against a ‘Race to the Bottom’
  4. Wim van Saarloos
    The University Challenge to Balance Society’s Increased Expectations Concerning Outreach, Media Attention, as well as Societal and Economic Impact
  5. Natascha Eckert
    „Freedom of Science“ or „Freedom from Science“?
  6. Thomas Baaken
    SCIENCE Fiction – A Short (His)Story of the Future
  1. John Goddard
    The Civic University: Confronting Future Challenges
  2. Manuel Alonso
    Is University Research Aiming to Address What Really Matters
  3. Søren Bregenholt
    Mission-Based Universities Driving Cross-Sector Collaboration to Meet UNs Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Noel Lindsay
    Facilitating Entrepreneurship in Communities to Augment University Engagement: Can This Wait for the Future?
  5. Kevin Kecskes
    Radical Epistemic Reset: Educating for Just Communities Worldwide
  6. Carolin Plewa, Victoria Galán-Muros, Balzhan Orazbayeva
    Co-Creating Value: The Present and Future of Higher Education
  1. Peter Rohan
    Universities – Engagement or Irrelevance – in 2040
  2. Rajiv Dhawan
    University-Industry Collaboration in the “Asian Century”
  3. Arnaldo Abruzzini
    2040: When Universities and Businesses Will Work in Symbiosis
  4. Najib Abusalbi
    Collaboration for a More Relevant Education
  5. Keith Herrmann
    Universities Inside out: Situating University-Business Co-Operation at the Centre of the Student Learning Journey
  6. Julie Wagner
    Tearing Down Real Walls: A Place-Based Approach to University-Industry Collaboration
  7. Mikko Korpela and Toni Pienonen
    Adhocracy Now
  8. Rumyana Trencheva
    New Learning Approaches Needed
  1. Andreas Altmann
    Rethink Regulation and Business Models – a Blueprint to Release Universities from the Shackles
  2. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen
    Universities in the Global Networks of the Future
  3. Michel Bénard
    Getting out of the Silos – Two Suggestions
  4. Rolf Tarrach and Lidia Borrell-Damian
    Will European Universities in 2040 Still Teach and Research?
  5. Enrique Cabrero-Mendoza
    How to Picture Universities in 2040?
  6. Klaus Sailer and Mirko Franck
    A Pathway to a Sustainable Future through New Ways of Learning and Applying Knowledge
  7. Dominik Böhler and Oliver Bücken
    Effectual Higher Education
  8. Todd Davey, Arno Meerman, Max Riedel
    In a Race between Education and Catastrophe the 4th Generation University is Winning
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